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Grief Happens.

Every one of us must endure grief. To love is to grieve.
Spousal loss is devastating. That grief alters every aspect of your life and shakes your future in ways you never imagined. It messes with your mind. It inflames your body. It pains your soul.

Our grief weighs so heavily it feels like it could kill us. Or worse, we wish it would. While it’s natural to want to fix this pain, grief is pain that cannot be fixed. For grief is the price we pay for the amazing bond of love.

As time goes by, the sadness may lessen for others, but we remain stuck. Sadness is uncomfortable to witness, but when sadness stems from death, that reminds us of our own mortality, which makes many of us really, really uncomfortable.

But grief is uncomfortable.

And grief is chronic.

Grieve Forward is a personal blog that focuses on the raw realities of spousal grief and the challenges many widows and widowers face living a fulfilling life after a major loss. While Grieve Forward aims to be a resource and support network for any grieving person, our content is hyper-focused on emotional traumas and physical hardships that develop from spousal caregiving, terminal illness and young widowhood.

In Memory

Mark Schmorrow was pretty much just the most amazing man (aside from my father and sons) that I have ever known. Humbled by life and kind in spirit, he challenged his physical limitations and embraced his emotions. He was compassionate, loyal and brave. He was a gem in a sea of stones.

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Community Support

In Mark’s memory, we continue his legacy to help others by offering financial support to individuals pursuing higher education; and by providing support to individuals with disabilities to locate, apply for and acquire specialized equipment they need to participate in recreational sports and lead more independent lives.

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What is AMN?

Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN) is the adult onset of Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD): a rare and terminal disease affecting approximately 13,600 people in the United States.

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The Grieve Forward blog focuses on the raw realities of spousal grief and challenges widows and widowers face living a fulfilling life after a major loss. Grief is not contagious. We see you.

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