In Memory

Remembering Mark Schmorrow

Mark came into my life for a reason. He was so kind and humble. The cards of life dealt him a difficult hand, but he never let it break him or make him bitter. He just smiled and pushed through all that adversity.

Laurie Moon-Schmorrow

Mark Schmorrow was a former carpenter, avid woodworker and participated annually in half-marathons and BAA 10K races in his racing wheelchair. He was kind, humble and had the deepest belly laugh. He loved dogs, being outdoors and adored his family and friends.

An avid sports fan, he passionately followed his New England Patriots and Bruins teams, enjoyed cooking and was devoted to keeping as fit and busy as possible. He never let his Adrenomyeloneuropathy diagnosis get in the way of his everyday life but life can be unkind and AMN/ALD is relentless. He was often sponsored in his marathon races by local businesses and donated those funds to ALD/AMN research organizations.

AMN is a rare disease that affects about 14,000 people in the United States, mostly men. AMN hampers balance and takes a considerable amount of walking ability. Sometimes the disease also develops lesions on the brain, and if that happens, patients experience cognitive and fine motor impacts, speech and swallowing delays, loss of sight and memory problems.

Despite his most valiant efforts to stay well, Mark lost his battle with Cerebral AMN on June 18, 2019.

Living with Cerebral AMN

Mark and Laurie’s grandmother share a laugh.
March 2019
Mark and Alex share a brain check-in.
April 2019

Mark’s Legacy

Mark's kind nature and commitment to his community lives on through his family. To assist other individuals and families impacted by ALD and AMN, consider making a donation in Mark's memory to a ALD Connect, a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization that supports ALD and AMN research initiatives. We also invite you to make a donation to the Mark Schmorrow Memorial Scholarship, given annually to a local high-school graduate pursuing a degree in Human Resources or Social Services.

The Schmorrow Strides Mark Schmorrow Memorial Scholarship is given annually to a graduating local high school student exploring collegiate studies and career paths in either the Human Resources or Social Services fields.

ALD/AMN is a relentless and rare progressive neurological disorder. While gains in research and treatment improve every day, there is so much we still don’t know. Please help #SaveTheBoys by making a small donation to ALD Connect today.

Mark’s smile and belly laughter brought joy to anyone who knew him. He was truly a gem in a sea of stones.

Laurie Moon-Schmorrow

Laurie Moon-Schmorrow began Grieve Forward in July 2019 to help channel her grief after losing her late husband Mark to a devastating neurological disorder called Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN.)